Who are we?

We at Resso are a group of music enthusiasts who are developing a great new way to experience music. Resso isn't just a tool for you to find the music you love now, it also was made with the purpose to explore the world to bring you new music that you are fated to love. Bring music that fits your own personal taste.

We'd love for you to join us on this journey. Aiming to create a cool community of music-loving people, we'd like you to experience our app and begin an amazing adventure of discovery together.

On Resso, you can:

  • find your favorite songs, and listen to them for free
  • be immersed in millions of songs from all over the world and best ones hand picked just for you
  • enjoy different visuals and backgrounds that add to the mood of your music
  • create your own playlist (of course!)
  • make and read comments to connect with other music enthusiasts from different parts of the world

In a nutshell, with Resso you just don't listen to music. You feel it. You live it.

What would be cool?

Complete your personal info

Begin the adventure by giving just a little bit more info about yourself, like your name, and setting a profile picture. It will enrich your identity within the community, and give a positive first impression to everyone joining.

Here is some advice on how to choose a name:

  • Using your own name, or something close to it, will make you look sincere and honest
  • Using words that relate to your favorite artist can make it easy to target fan groups, e.g. Loyal Lover of Anitta
  • Using genre-related words can make it easy to attract the attention of other community members with the same taste, e.g. Blue Addicts

Tips for choosing that perfect avatar:

  • Your own photo that best show your features
  • Concerts pictures
  • Interesting picture of something you absolutely love

Create your own playlist

We encourage everyone to make the most out of the experience by creating your own playlists, and sharing them with everyone. The more other people like it, the more it'll be recommended to other community members with a similar taste in music as yours.

Here's how you can create a great playlist:

  • Think of a topic (best to put in important words like the artist's name, mood, theme)
  • Select and add songs related to your topic. A good length for a playlist is at least 10 songs.
  • Top it off with an interesting title, cover photo. Then you're done!

Some additional tips:

  • Make sure the title has a clear and direct meaning. Avoid using single words or generic expressions like yeah, yea, wow - playlists with these kinds of titles don't often get clicked.
  • Check the spelling
  • Cover photo should be related to the content and of good photographic quality

Leave comments

Comments often connect users who listen to the same music from all over the world. It's so uncanny when you're listening to a song, have something in mind, then find that someone, somewhere was thinking the same thing.

Here are some examples of comments that tend to get the most reactions from people:

  • how the music makes you feel
  • personal experiences or memories brought back by the music
  • related info about the music and the artist
  • jokes related to the music (just not offensive, please!) At Resso, we do hope that the comment space stays a friendly place that enriches the experience of everyone in the community.


To ensure our community remains friendly, healthy and inclusive, we do need to set some guidelines that apply to all users, and cover a range of scenarios. These include setting up accounts, creating playlists, leaving comments, and so on. Everything on the list below are not allowed on the app. Anyone who commits them will have their accounts suspended and banned quite quickly.

  • Porn or nudity - any act of disseminating nudity or sexual content, including direct words referring to sex
  • Sexy or vulgar - any language or photos of vulgar content, like close-ups of breasts or buttocks, french kissing, etc.
  • Violent or bloody - any violent or bloody scene, especially with exposure of internal organs
  • Illegal activity - any content related to heresy or terrorist organizations or events, drugs, weapons or gambling
  • Hate speech - language promoting hate towards other people, especially against other races, religions or genders. This includes indecent gestures communicating the same.
  • Gross or disgusting visuals - any content that makes people uncomfortable, like snakes, insects, close-ups of medical conditions, human excrement, etc.
  • Spam - pictures or text with phone numbers, contact link or scan code, especially if promoting yourself or your business for financial gain
  • Privacy infringement - private information of others, like contact details, address, place of residence, etc.
  • Low quality visuals - Mosaic, blurry or blank pictures

Feedback & Support

If you'd like to leave some comments for our team, or need any support related to using the app, feel free to contact us from in-app feedback (setting-->feedback). We're glad to have you and hope that all of you feel the music on our app, and enjoy an adventure of discovery!

The Resso team

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